Pregnancy and Infant Feeding

Healthy Pregnancy

Video:  Healthy Pregnancy will help you learn about a healthy start for you and your baby.


Handouts and Healthy Beginnings Newsletters will keep you informed about your pregnancy every step of the way. You'll find stage-specific information on your baby's growth, changes in your body, how to get ready for your new baby, and much more.

Weight Gain Recommendations During Pregnancy

Weight and Pregnancy Recorded Webinar

Gestational Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes is high blood sugar associated with hormonal changes during pregnancy. Changes in your diet are important to control high blood sugar and ensure a healthy future for you and your baby.

  • If your are diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, schedule an urgent appointment with a Registered Dietitian by calling 303-614-1070.

Infant Feeding

Breastfeeding Information and Resources

Feeding Your Baby-Birth to 1 Year

Starting Solid Foods Video: