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Meet with a Registered Dietitian to evaluate your current diet and make adjustments to meet your goals for weight, speed or improved performance in your sport.


Here are a few reasons to work with a Registered Dietitian:

  • Evaluation of the nutrition needs for your sport

  • Development of a practical evidenced-based nutrition plan that supports your training

  • Plan development to focus on areas such as muscle cramping, hydration, anemia, and digestive issues

  • Evaluation of dietary supplements

  • Losing weight during the in-season and/or off-season

  • Nutrition strategies to maximize muscle gain

  • Fueling strategies for individual and team-based speed/strength sports

  • Fueling strategies for endurance sports

  • Race day fueling plans

  • Nutrition strategies with special diets such vegetarian and gluten-free

  • Nutrition plans for the diabetic athlete

For more information, please call the Nutrition Services department at 303-614-1070