Programs for Adults

Want to get results? Kaiser Permanente offers a variety of resources for our adult members wishing to lose weight.   

  • Healthy Connections is a year long program including 12 weeks of classes led by a Registered Dietitian.
  • NEW: Partial Meal Replacement Web-based program Tired of counting calories? Want quick and easy meal options for weight loss? This free program might be for you!  Join a Registered Dietitian in a live webinar to learn about using meal replacements (protein shakes,  protein bars, and other meal alternatives) to help you lose weight. Studies show that calorie restriction using such  meal replacements may be more effective than calorie restriction with  conventional foods for weight loss.  Register for the webinars and downlaod program materials here.

  • Weigh and Win is a FREE community program that pays you to achieve a healthy weight.

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